Agenda - February 6, 2018

We'll be exploring what's next for data through a variety of talks, fireside chats, and panels. 


8:00 AM - Registration and Breakfast Sponsored by


Louis Jones, EVP, Media & Data, 4A's

Data Summit 2018 Emcee:
Shenan Reed
, President, Chief Client Officer, Publicis Group

9:10 AM - Engineering a New Era of Accountability

In the new data driven marketing landscape, digital and creative media need to co-exist on new dimensions. Take a peek into the future with Scott Hagedorn, CEO of Hearts & Science, where data interprets emotion.

Keynote Speaker:
Scott Hagedorn,
CEO, Hearts & Science

9:45 AM - Smart Data, Smart Strategies

Find out how data is dissected by different agency models in order to provide strategic and meaningful insights and strategies for connecting with consumers.

Andy Fisher, Chief Analytics Officer, Merkle
Whitney Jones
, SVP, Digitas
Michael Kaushansky, Chief Data Officer & President, Helia, Havas
Sharona Sankar King, EVP, Marketing Science, BBDO

Kelly Liyakasa, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

10:25 AM - Data Discovery: A PeEk Behind the Curtain

Walled gardens are a critical component to deliver addressable audiences at scale in the advertising world . With massive reach and deterministic data, walled gardens are likely to remain as an essential part of any brand’s media strategy. However, marketers need to better understand what is happening behind the curtain and consider other strategies and technologies that help them manage their investment in smarter ways.

Yannis Kotziagkiaouridis, Global Chief Analytics Officer, Wunderman
Abhi Patil, Senior Director, Customer Analytics and Loyalty Data Management, Air Canada


11:00 AM - BREAK
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11:30 AM - Driving Future Value in Programmatic through Data

The world of programmatic is evolving. Different models and different dependencies are driving new views of not only how to execute programmatic in the future, but also how to drive the most value against client communication priorities.

David Kohl, President and CEO, TrustX
Ed Montes, President, Solutions & Chief Revenue Officer, dataxu
Tracey Paull
, EVP, Starcom USA
Erica Schmidt, Managing Director, North America, Cadreon

Moderator: Joanna O'Connell, VP, Principal Analyst Serving B2C Marketing Professionals, Forrester

12:10 pm Data is Complicated: Part 1 - The Data Challenge

With tons of data flying around, marketers need to identify which data is most useful in driving strategy and campaigns. This session introduces the types of data that need to be considered and a look at a Marketers approach to pulling this together

Lou Paskalis, SVP, Enterprise Media Planning, Bank of America
Greg Stuart
, Chief Executive Officer, MMA

12:30 PM - Lunch

12:45 PM - 1:30 PM - The TV Data Cloud: Powering Media Activation and Real-Time Analytics for TV and Digital

Raghu Kodige, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer, Alphonso

See live demonstrations of the most cutting edge applications of TV data for re-targeting and measurement, from self-serve audience segments leveraging granular TV viewership data to the newest forms of TV ad attribution. Learn how Alphonso combines live viewership data with offline data on CPG purchases, location data for store, QSR and auto dealership visitation, web attribution and more.

1:40 PM - Data is Complicated: Part 2 - Achieve Focus & Simplicity

To address the data complexity, panelists discuss a potential roadmap for data and how to master the different components of that map for better focus.

Phil Macauley, VP Commerical Strategy, Quantcast
Laura McElhinney, Chief Data Officer, Horizon
Brent McGoldrick
, CEO, DeepRoot Analytics
Katrin Ribant, Chief Solutions Officer, Co-Founder, Datorama

Moderator: Greg Stuart, Chief Executive Officer, MMA

2:15 PM - Data Crosses Devices

Are we ready for a cross media world? The march toward cross media quantification will be complex and rewarding. As consumers adopt new behaviors and migrate to new technologies, the industry's ability to understand cross media consumption and effectiveness of connection points will be critical. In this session we will tackle cross media context from both a targeting and a measurement perspective. Come see the bets that are being made on following consumers across devices.

update on 3MS & Measurement Standards

George Ivie, CEO and Executive Director, Media Rating Council, Inc.


Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer, comScore
Adam Gerber
, Senior Vice President, Investment, North America, Essence
George Ivie, CEO and Executive Director, Media Rating Council, Inc.
Bill Kee, Group Product Manager, Google
Howard Shimmel
, Chief Research Officer, Turner
Daniel Slotwiner
, Director, Advertising Research, Facebook

Part 2 – Targeting

Gabe Bevilacqua, SVP Product Management, Advanced Advertising, Viacom
Michael Bologna, President, one2one Media
Adam Gerber, Senior Vice President, Investment, North America, Essence
Raghu Kodige, Chief Product Officer, Alphonso
Kavita Vazirani, EVP, Insights and Measurement, NBC Universal

Moderator: Jane Clarke, CEO, Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement


3:40 PM - BREAK
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4:10 PM - Data Powers an Intelligent World

It's time to harness your data. Disparate data from disparate system mean organizational drag. If you want to ignite your data for actual intelligence, you need to pull it all together and understand the data signals you are receiving (sometimes if if you don't even know you are getting them). These signals - unified and then harmonized, begin to change the way you look at your business, plan your business, organize your business, and drive better results. DOMO offers you customizable business ignition platforms to drive ROI in every touchpoint of your business.

Dave Katz, Managing Director, Media Vertical, DOMO

4:35 PM - Is Your House in Order?

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is set to take effect in May of 2018. These regulations impact how organizations collect store and use personal information on any EU customer. This session will discuss the implications on GDPR  - what organizations need to know now and how this will impact the industry.

Kelly DeMarchis Bastide, Partner, Venable
Rachel Glasser
, Senior Partner; Director of Privacy, GroupM
Aaron Goodman, Senior Counsel II, Publicis Re:Sources
John Snyder
, CEO & Co-Founder, Grapeshot

Moderator: Dick O'Brien, EVP, Government Relations, 4A's

5:00 PM - Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Effectiveness is Already Here

In this session you will hear from Marketing Evolution founder Rex Briggs about how advances in AI can help marketers be more effective. Decisions that used to take weeks or months can now me made in fractions of seconds. Smart, strategic application of artificial intelligence can help advertisers get the right message to the right person at the right time. Rex will share how his customers harness artificial intelligence and big data to tackle their exceptionally complex online and offline attribution and optimization problems. How do you know if your advertising moved the needle or if a particular creative spot influenced one sale over another? How can AI help you evaluate and weight all touches, and optimize accordingly? Eliminating waste, optimizing in real time and optimizing for context are some of the secrets of driving greater ROI, and those are three areas where artificial intelligence really shines.

Rex Briggs, CEO & Founder, Marketing Evolution



5:30 PM - Networking Reception

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