CSO & co-founder, Datorama

Acting as the Chief Solutions Officer & Co-founder of Datorama, a global technology company, Katrin works with enterprises, agencies and publishers on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to their marketing challenges. Katrin was critical in the creation of Datorama's marketing intelligence platform, which leverages AI to transform data into insights-driven actions. Today, she works closely with Datorama’s customers helping them design and fine-tune their marketing analytics processes. Katrin's unique skill set supports her role as the globetrotting face of the company to clients worldwide, working with them at the intersection of AI and marketing intelligence.
Prior to Datorama, Katrin was an Executive Vice President at Havas Digital. At Havas, she applied her technical expertise and knowledge of the digital media landscape to developing Artemis, the first big data management and analytics platform. Katrin speaks six languages and holds a degree in neuropsychology and neurolinguistics from the Free University In Brussels.