SVP, Enterprise Media Planning, Bank of America

Lou Paskalis is the Senior Vice President, Customer Engagement and Investment. In his role he is responsible for Communications Strategy, Media Investment and Measurement and Marketing Data and Marketing Technology platforms across the entire enterprise. In his role, Paskalis oversees media strategy and investment across traditional, digital and social channels with an eye toward driving innovative solutions across lines of business.  

For GBAM, Lou and his team crafted and delivered a game changing real-time 360 degree program around the World Economic Forum leveraging the bank’s extensive original content that garnered Bank of America an 80% share of voice among all Financial Services Companies during the event.

Prior to joining Bank of America, Paskalis was the Vice President of Global Media, Content Development and Mobile Marketing at American Express.  Lou began his career at E. & J. Gallo an has been involved in advertising for nearly three decades.