Founder and CEO,
Marketing Evolution

Rex Briggs was named one of the dozen “Best and Brightest” in Media and Technology by Ad Week, and one of the people to “watch and learn from” according to BrandWeek. He has been honored with the Atticus Award for his work in Direct Marketing, the Tenagra Award for outstanding contribution to branding and the Fernanda Monti award for his work in CRM. Rex has also won international research awards for his work in understanding website effectiveness and online advertising. Most recently his work in understanding the effects of advertising in television, magazine and online was nominated for the prestigious John and Mary Goodyear award for best international research.

Rex has consulted in over twenty countries worldwide. His research has been translated into a half-dozen languages and taught at leading universities around the world. Rex is the author of SIRFs-Up – Catching the Next Wave in Marketing, which tells the story of how brands can better optimize advertising spend with equations known as Spend to Impact Response Functions (SIRFs) and how they will become an integral tool for marketers of every size and vertical for allocating budgets and forecasting business results. Rex also authored What Sticks, Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds, a book that reviews a five year research project that tracked $1 billion in advertising spent by 36 major marketers. The studies were designed to track media expenditure in real-time, and offer solutions on how marketers can improve ad effectiveness. What Sticks was named the #1 marketing book by Advertising Age, and was featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, NPR and The Economist.

Rex is also an instructor for the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) School of Marketing, where he holds workshops on ROI Measurement and IMPACT Marketing.

Rex founded Marketing Evolution in 2000 and currently serves as the company’s CEO. Rex is known as one of the world’s leading experts in media effectiveness measurement. His expertise derives from direct experience measuring and improving the performance of a wide range of marketing programs for dozens of Fortune 500 marketers.